A Review on Expert System and its Applications in Civil Engineering

Muhammad Akram, Ismail Abdul Rahman, Irfana Memon


Aim of Study

This study provides in depth review of expert system and potential benefits achieved with its application in the field of the Civil Engineering.

Need of Study

Currently, construction projects are facing various chronic problems. One of the reason contributing to these problems is delay in decision making. This leads to need of mechanisms which can enable practitioners in making prompt decision. Hence, expert systems are investigated for seeking opportunities and studying applicability in construction projects to use as a tool for aiding in decision making process.

Research Approach

This study is carried out through reviewing previous studies conducting in addressing the importance and issues of the expert system. It also includes various research works demonstrating the applications of an expert system in different research areas of civil engineering.

Research Findings

This study highlighted that expert system is very useful approach for benefiting the practitioner in making quick decision. It will be helpful in avoiding waiting times. It can be successfully applied in the areas of civil engineering specifically construction management. 


This paper presents a review on expert system with its application. It has focused on four established methods which are Rule based system (RBS), Case based system (CBS), Fuzzy expert system (FS), Neural network (NN).

Importance and Contribution

This review paper contributes in the field of Civil Engineering in highlighting the usage and advantages of an expert system. 

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